Welcome to our Rehearsal Room .

OPEN HOURS: Every Day from 10.00 h to 22.00 h
Price: 10 lv per hour


02/ 4414145 or 0885 135046 (mobile)



Drum Set Premier with Cymbals

Bass Amp Roland D-Bass 210

Guitar Amp Marshall VS100 with Cab 4 х 12"

Guitar Amp Red Shadow with Cab 4 х 12"

Keyboard Korg I3

Vocal Microphones Shure SM58

Mixer Yamaha MG 166 FX

Power Amp Soundlab SP250

Speakers 2 х Cerwin-Vega V-12B

Monitor Speakers Carlsbro EM12


You can rent an instrument during your rehearsal


1. Its a non smoking room.

2. A reservation can be cancelled up to 3 days before the appointment. Otherwise half of the price for the rehearsal should be paid.