7 Waves Of Sound by KD

3600 лв. 2999-10-10

Тип: electric guitar - 7-string
Тяло: Alder
Гриф: bolt-on 5-piece Maple-Ebony / Rosewood
Позиции: 24
Адаптери: 1 x DiMarzio Blaze Bridge DP702
Корекции: DiMarzio Push/Pull pot for volume control and On/Off switch of power from the two batteries to electronics.
Custom designed electronics for unwanted noise cut-off. Bipolar powered from 2 x 9V batteries. Due to special wiring of electronics the guitar will not stop playing even if the batteries are totally drained.

Хардуер: black, Hipshot Tuners, Floyd Rose Special 7strings Tremolo with following upgrades :
- Sustain block is replaced with Fat Brass block 60x37x10 mm.
- Floyd Rose Brass Springs Claw.
- Floyd Rose Brass Screws.
- Floyd Rose Heavy duty Noiseless Springs.

Цвят: white
Състояние: 10/10

"7WAVES OF SOUND" is a 7 strings piece of art and handmade guitar, built with quality and respect to any single part and for You as a music lovers!

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